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Welcome to GAPP

Globalcaching Application (short GAPP) is a free geocache manager application that enables you to browse and maintain geocaches on your local computer.

GAPP is Geocaching Live enabled which makes it very easy to update your geocaches by downloading Pocket Queries or downloading geocaches by search criteria right from your application without the need to access

The application is intended for all user types, for the users who never used a geocache manager before to the experienced heavy data users. The application will be directly functional right after installation and can be configured to your needs. Programmers have access to the full source code to write plugins to add functionality or change existing functionality. More information can be found on the wiki pages.

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Action Builder

Create the most complex selection filters with ease of use without writing any macros or scripts. If you can place blocks and connect the blocks with lines, you know enough to create virtually any selection filter.

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Groundspeak API Partner Application

GAPP is a Live API enabled application

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OKAPI Support

GAPP supports the OKAPI from Opencaching.

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Open Source

GAPP is not only a free application, it is also an Open Source application. Several people are participating within this project (see About us).

You can find the Open Source project on GitHub. Please feel free to contribute. If you have created a plugin or script, you can share this with other users by providing us the code.